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Episode 7  |  52:16 min

S2:EP7 - Elena Besser, You're Making Me Hungry

Episode 7  |  52:16 min  |  11.11.2020

S2:EP7 - Elena Besser, You're Making Me Hungry

This is a podcast episode titled, S2:EP7 - Elena Besser, You're Making Me Hungry. The summary for this episode is: <p>In this episode, I interview Elena Besser, a Brooklyn-based, Chicago-bred Chef and TV Host.</p><p><br></p><p>She hosts live cooking classes on <strong>Food Network Kitchen</strong>, and can be seen on The Cooking Channel's "Best Thing I Ever Ate" as well as Food Network's "Beat Bobby Flay".</p><p><br></p><p>She firmly believes food and entertainment should be intertwined and makes some strong points behind this.</p><p><br></p><p>Just in the way that Elena describes food and her dishes made me so hungry I ran to our office kitchen directly after this podcast to go devour my lunch early. I can't exactly explain what she did but it was insane.</p><p><br></p><p>She's also host of the new show <strong>Breakfast with Besser</strong>, a celebrity cooking show, where she chats with celebrity guests, including some of Hollywood's hungriest stars as she guides them in cooking breakfast dishes specifically crafted for them.</p><p><br></p><p>Elena's passion for spreading accessible and exciting cooking and culinary tips to others shines through everything she does.</p><p><br></p><p>We had such a great conversation and there's so much value punched into this episode so let's get into it!</p>
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Unique Opportunities In The Restaurant Space

In this episode, I interview Elena Besser, a Brooklyn-based, Chicago-bred Chef and TV Host.

She hosts live cooking classes on Food Network Kitchen, and can be seen on The Cooking Channel's "Best Thing I Ever Ate" as well as Food Network's "Beat Bobby Flay".

She firmly believes food and entertainment should be intertwined and makes some strong points behind this.

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Elena Besser
Celebrity Chef & TV Host
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In this episode I interview Elena besser a brooklyn-based Chicago bread chef and TV host cooking classes on Food Network kitchen and can be seen on the cooking Channel's best thing. I ever ate as well as Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. She firmly believes food and entertainment should be intertwined and make some really strong points behind the I'm just in the way that Elena describes food in her dishes. It made me so hungry. I ran out to our office kitchen directly after we finish this podcast where you go to the ER my lunch early, I can't explain exactly what she did but it was insane and it worked right? She's also a host of the new show breakfast with besser celebrity cooking show where she chats with celebrity guests including some of Hollywood's hungry stars as she guides oven cooking breakfast dishes specifically crafted for them.

Atlanta's passion for spreading accessible and exciting cooking and culinary tips to others shine through everything. She does. It's pretty incredible. You know, we had such a great conversation and there's so much value punched into this episode. So let's get straight into it.

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Elena how are you? I'm so good. How you doing? I'm doing well. I'm doing well. It seems like in the restaurant space in general people are a lot happier than we're all the better things are opening up a little bit more which is great. But how are things here? You have such an interesting background. You're a chef and producer Basie a TV personality. Looks like what's going on with you? Oh, man many things I would say that the latest happenings is that my new show just came out the kitchen breakfast with faster. It is a celebrity talk show me it's cooking show where I invite some of Hollywood's hungry Stars into the kitchen. I grill them with questions and then we go into the kitchen and they create a dish that I have crafted specific.

It's all breakfast themed favorite meal of the day. So we filmed that actually in August and it came out in October and it's available on the Food Network kitchen at 6 episodes Broadway Stars cast members from SNL the West Coast. Wow, that's amazing. And they it it's all breakfast with the celebrities. What kind of what kind of breakfast are these celebrities like making the most it would have been Joy. Oh man still kind of research on every single guest before they arrive on set and course. I created all of the recipes for the gas. So a lot of the research we would figure out what the gas station and restrictions allergies what they love what they don't love and then essentially we crafted dishes for lamb. So for example,

One of the guests on the show is I'm Chris Redd from SNL and he is an actor former rapper. He actually does a lot of the like songs, he writes and produces a lot of the songs that are on SNL to the polls one, which was hilarious and he's from Chicago he had in the past has gone on a whole Twitter rant about how he loves biscuits but they can't be Dusky. So what we did is we created a Chicago-style breakfast biscuit sandwich for him. So that is a homemade buttermilk biscuit with white onion poppy seeds and Sport Peppers is like a similar heat level to a serrano pepper and then called hot dogs. We did celery salt soft scrambled eggs tomato relish and mustard sauce and

Wow, that sounds amazing any from doing all this have you noticed any kind of Trends in in food? I mean, like what people are most attracted to like, I mean more space in the suburbs singing Because oftentimes obviously, right what celebrities are doing other people follow. Are you seeing any kind of food trends that you're kind of different? Oh man. I mean, it's really chops. I would say that a lot of the time people.

Whenever I'm approaching a raspy, I always try to think about Nostalgia. And what is going to be really approachable. I think that a lot of the time people find inspiration with Rusty's through those two things. And even though I'm a nerd that like loves the science of food and would spend hours grabbing a dish. I find that a lot of the people that are looking on Food Network and other places to cook a recipe want something that's easy that has a lot of flavors that doesn't require a ton of work. So I always try to find the balance between the two I would say from like a trend standpoint. Yes, there were moments of like, okay Recreations of nostalgic Foods Recreations of Rainbow Foods was a big thing at one point, but I will say that as time has gone on I find that people

Caring less and less about the lake food trendy moments about actually tastes good. That isn't too difficult to me. What do you mean by that by the way of making food Nostalgia, like what are nostalgic Foods my

One of my most popular recipes is actually peanut butter and jelly sandwich on potato bread to Star and then I do peanut butter raspberry jam homemade raspberry jam, and then I'll put sumac on top of it and flaky sea salt and so have my family prepare is middle eastern-inspired and sumac house is like amazing tiny note that is really reminiscent of lemons, and it has this great acidity to it. So it really brings out and balances those floral notes and fruity notes within the jam.

Quest that is not too complicated but simultaneously feels delicious and different kind of fancy. That's awesome. I mean that is that is the best PB&J.

Any any other is that you think I'm up quite a bit of the nephew, NJ?

Oh man from like a popular from my recipes that have become popular.

I'll tell you in La it seems like every single person wants avocado toast like we're base la

I live in Venice Beach. It's freezing here. It's warmer in New York than it is in La weird really weird. You know Stephanie by Californians to is it can be raining just a little bit or a little bit of wind and I was panicking but then they can be an earthquake and nobody gives a shape.

I love that that's hilarious Emoji thing any other kind of dishes that you kept messing come up at that just keep coming around because oftentimes rest restaurants in especially if they're trying to capitalize on these next few trains, right? I spoke to a shop last week. I think Steven Yankees the one of the executive chef at Tao group and they're always looking for food groups and their weights food Trends in and see about what he told me to is. Is there also looking into foods that they're going to get social engagement, right? So he was saying, you know big thing for him was how can we create something that is delicious but also looks so good that you got a post on Instagram because for them, right that's a huge huge way of a marketing their brand right through other people's social content. I'm assuming for you. I was he has an Entertainer and being in the space and give me you are a food personality and everything you do. So all your Foods must be beautiful as well. I'm as I'm assuming that look good on camera.

Try to I try to I mean my background is actually the first job ever had in the food space is that I started the video department for a company called spin University that was eventually acquired by Food Network. And we did a lot of it was right at the beginning of the food video movements. So we launched right before tasty even launched their like hands and pans videos a lot of the work that we did was analysis on like what would be trending and what people love and it is true. You really do eat with your eyes first and people have so much more diving into an experience that is visually stunning and simultaneously Chase really great and is well-executed. So it doesn't make a lot of sense that you had this conversation with that Jeff because the truth it's like to this day even so like when people go we are such a visual generation and when people are going to arrest

Tron or making that reservation they typically go to Instagram or go to their page and look at the food photo. So they know in advance what dish is going to be coming to their table? So they're not disappointed and I would say as far as Trends are concerned. Definitely. I mean, there's like the classic idea of okay. What is it? Is it really colorful? Is there an egg yolk? Is there an oozing thing a dripping thing of cheese? Pull? Those are all the things that people get really hyped on I would say there definitely was a moment. We're like decadence with you Jamie and think back to the black black tap crazy milkshake trans that used to happen, but I think today and with the foods that I create I always try to make sure that they are really visually pleasing. I think that

There are having great ingredients first and foremost is really the key to any amazing dish but when it come I feel like you know, everything bagel spice is a thing people love seeing likes black and white Sesame is tahini paste things stuff. That is bright green. I used to go to the restaurant called Lilia and while I was there one of the things that really popular on the menu aside from the sheep's milk annual OD I'd say the three things that were really popular where the mouse aldini which is the pink peppercorn pasta that looks like spaghetti and lasagna noodles had a baby having those really beautiful ridges on that pasta mixed with the sauce actually being almost a pink color because of the pink peppercorn was a massive hit and then simultaneously the annual OD has this beautiful yellow color cuz it has saffron infused into it and then these bright white

Sun-dried San Marzano tomatoes and the third thing that was really popular was the house the cop show with the bright green garlic or Rim butter and having stuff that is super vibrant really pops makes you stop in your tracks. Those are the things that are going to be the most trendy if you will allow auto test it will survive forever. If the stuff has been had a huge moment. I personally and feeling very

Happy that I think the like aggressive food Trends have kind of calm down a bit because there's nothing worse than chasing a trend and have the dishes South actually taste like shitt. I really have trouble creating foods that have tons of fake food coloring in them and all of those types of things they die. I'm really trying to move past that because at the end of the day, I think you know, let's eat what Nature has given us. We've been so disrespectful to Mother Nature already. Let's try to you know on to something like that for the 8th.

Any any specific real diets that you're singing more common like I mean going back to LA, right? It seems like every other day. There's another girl I goes vegan right images is assassinate your scene from your Ender people more interested in all in you know me Alternatives or going more vegetarian.

People being I've come across vegans. I come across a lot of gluten-free a lot of paleo as well. I mean Andre DeShields one of our guests. He is an Oscar way from Annie. He was the original Wiz in The Wiz on Broadway and he is Paleo so for the dishes and we made sure that it was all of his favorite things. We actually made a breakfast salad for him, which was really fun to smoke salmon avocado fennel a Dijon vinaigrette and some toast macadamia nuts, which is really fun. And he absolutely love that cuz the dude eats one meal a day which is wild but he also like is a 74 year old man and straight-up acts like it's one year olds, which maybe I should eat one meal a day and maybe I should be put in salad.

But yeah, I mean Lea delaria she is she has some dietary restrictions as well. She's a diabetic. So we made sure that we didn't have anything that much we actually did a carb-free eggs benedict for her. It was cool. And we did like a fake it till you make it Hollandaise sauce and green spinach as well homemade pork sausage for her. But yeah, I mean I think in general like for me.

I am a very I'm not a vegetarian. I'm not vegan. I my sisters Nigerian. I love Derry. I'm from the Midwest my dad's from Wisconsin like cheese food. So I'm really of the mindset of make sure that whatever you're eating is really great quality that you consume all of them perfectly source, and ethically killed for the most part. However, killing an Arab by the way that you just described food in general is so beautiful like seriously.

No, seriously, it's almost like Maggie. I thought you could you could train like a huge list of employees at some giant restaurant corporation. How did it to try their food better? I mean cuz that's where the sale is made. Right all these servers when they're when they're describing. I mean I was at dinner last night and a place in Venice called Wabi, everything was good to me. I mean, what do you mean and the guys like well, this is the most popular quote that you know, what do you like about it? And the guys like the menu can describe it better and I was so rude.

I was just so turned off by that you don't like I had it still getting it was really damn good wife is great. But if you're in there if you want to get some Ravenna, so you're in the area. I think it's downpouring to describe these things in such detail the way you've done it. It's almost like you should do a video on this the way you described as of mine. Everybody be a subconscious thing. But yeah, I'm getting hungry just hearing you talk about it. That's all she ate you saying that me and my first-ever gig in food TV was then I booked best thing I ever ate on cooking channel. So that show is talking about your favorite dishes at restaurants how they're prepared and why you love them and I mean I come from a theater background. I studied theater and film at Northwestern. I always had plans to become an actor and then I absolutely fell in love with cooking and the creativity associated with it and the instant ability to make someone feel Joy when you put a dish in front of

Sandwich to be honest kitchen far away from acting acting you. Do you do you perform to make people feel a certain way and I love food because I was like, oh shit, you can both integrate you can make someone feel something but not only are you engage and acting you're engaging, you know site found in food. There's touch their he's there smell. Yes so much more sensory driven and I have a little sister on the autism spectrum and sensory base experiences and is her senses are totally different the way she experiences them and that's typical for people on the autism spectrum. So for me, I don't know I just have this

Passion around engaging senses and also there then thinking about how every single since interacts with food and I try to describe food for that way if that makes any sense, seriously nobody like, you know a lot about like specifically the entire experience not just about the food on your plate and there you go, but walking into let's say our restaurant just the way the food is described you the way that is displayed the way that it looks the way that it taste the way that you leave. I mean, I'm getting hungry listening to you talk about this and whatever I eat next probably going to taste a little bit better because I'm I'm ready to eat now, right cuz I think I did a lot of people.

A lot of restaurants Parsippany let you know that we work with her talk with they may forget these things, right they let you know here restaurant say all the time, you know, great food service is all you need. But but really what does that mean like a grapefruit obvious one who's got taste good behind it. What happens during the meal? I mean forget these things, but seriously, I think if you got a video on this explaining how you display food at that might be something pretty cool. How did you say you ugly in space now? You're doing this? Why food? Why did you jump into it?

Well when I was really little my mom my whole family always used to say Elena. She just loves to eat like she is so into eating. She's such a good eater there. So many photos of me as a kid like one of my favorite ones is my family would go to the Wisconsin Walworth County State Fair every year and there is a picture of me sitting in a stroller with a giant dill pickle and my hands are too small to wrap around the perimeter of pickle and I'm like taking a beating growing up. It was a big part of everything that I did. I mean, I'm a middle child on 105. We have a huge family and anytime our family would get together it would always be about and I mean my family is definitely like Midwestern meat and potatoes. Like when I think about quintessential meals, it was barbecue chicken with corn and a salad with Italian.

Casting from a bottle and you know Mac and jokes that it's my upbringing. I was 80% mac and cheese Kraft mac and cheese just like standard bologna sandwiches with American cheese on white bread with mayo like a lot of standard American classic but as I got older and the more that I delve into performance and acting the more I realize that like, I knew I I knew I was good at that thing. I knew that I had a lot to offer but I didn't want to wait around for someone to pick me and I didn't want to spend my life. Just waiting for someone to say. Yes by the end of the day. All you really need is one yes to get to where you want to go. You just need that one. Yes to open the door and the one I went to college and got my first apartment there.

I just started I had to get my first kitchen. So I started making meals and making meals for my roommates and for my friends and hosting dinners in like loving the experience around it. And then at the same time a lot of the feeder I was doing was experiential theater. So immersive theater similar to sleep no more. That was very and sleep. No more. For those of you that don't know is an interactive like very sensory driven theatrical experience and it takes place in New York City in this like amazing Hotel on multiple floors and like you're interacting in the given a math and you're interacting in the set with the actors. There are some one-on-one experiences, but it's like a totally different way to see live theater and performance and I do really feel that food and performance are so intertwined and so many ways

And I started realizing okay. Well, I have this on camera experience. I love performing. I love eating. I love entertaining. Oh shit. Maybe I should follow fish because instead of studying my lines for the play and spending my time doing that. I'm spending my time in the kitchen making recipes and cooking and doing all sorts of things. I mean one summer I was home or no, it wasn't even summer. It was a holiday break and I turned on the Food Network and I remember seeing Ina Garten make this like cookie recipe, you know what that seems pretty easy. I could probably do that. So I got into the kitchen and I bake these cookies and then the next thing I know I'm looking up all sorts of other cookie recipes in the next thing. I know I have five cookie recipes that I want a big and then my mom came home like 3 hours later and the kitchen I'm straight-up not getting you was filled with dozens of cookies all different kind and she's like,

On Jamaica and born from that was my first no called make it into a cookie return my favorite foods into cookies. And that was on the spoon University YouTube channel. It's actually still there. If you want to look at it by will you be creative through food and also, you know still be myself people perform for people but at the end of the day ever when eating something delicious, so that's kind of a long story short Where it All Began know that is amazing that makes so much sense in like song.

Your passion I think that I feel like oh my God, cuz my whole family when I told my parents I wanted to go to culinary school and work in a restaurant. There were like, you're supposed to be an actor. We you went to college and studied theater and film what are you doing? And they didn't really get it but and a lot of people in your life if you're passionate about something they may not get it. But if you continue to follow it and you really believe in yourself and know that you have the potential if you have the credentials to get to that point, then there's no noise. Sounds like you just you look at food in life around food through a different lens than most people in general. It sounds like right now you do you do you do you absolutely do I don't think it to try it all but I think I think that's so important right? I mean like you can look you can look at a burglar.

Does a burger or we can look at the experience around the burger what will makes that burger exciting this and that whatever and you definitely do that when it comes around food and maybe like one of the first religion crazy like really by real food videos, which I'll tell you as an agency. We secrete all those things also way back in the day and they were coming people like seeing food get made like it's just I catching it's foodporn it it looks fun. If he makes you hungry, we had a formula that we kind of use on every video that you have any kind of formula you use or did you kind of just go for it each time or how did you approach some of these videos? Just kind of curious?

RC model was really interesting because essentially it was it started out as a magazine on campus at Northwestern of printed magazine and a Lunchable website and they launched it over like 200 campuses around the world. But the whole idea is that it was student-generated Concha. So when they were realizing that video was a really important part of you know, Matt, like putting their sticks in the ground to become something legit. They I previously like my first game that I ever booked was on. My did entertainment news reporting for this website called select tv.com. So I really understood the production side of things and non Cameron like short form video content. And so with the strategy behind everything the way that we did it is we thought okay like

When you come up with a raspy, first of all, let's make sure that it is acceptable to college students. So part of it could be you use pre-made pie dough you use store-bought this that's the first thing the second thing is, what are the most important moments with moments within the recipe that people are going to want to see so you don't need to watch if you're making you know, how many pies you don't need to see all of the mini pies being made. You only need to see one of them and so are recipe if you will for those videos was figuring out. Okay. What is the recipe in the first place if you were going to like and a lot of that was like aggressive spread sheathing of looking at all of our competitors their most viewed videos what trans we were seeing within that what?

Commonalities people had based off of the success of each video and how can we integrate that into her around? I think that the hardest piece of the puzzle throughout all that was getting consistency because we for every 60 videos of moms. So it was 50 students and we were so oh my God the explaining of like, all right, make sure you have natural light and you're near a window and it's not direct light make sure that yours a 45 degree angle is an overhead angle have a clean surface. Like don't have a reflective like we had to explain so much you have this you have video footage of this keep explaining these things. We actually created like a full class.

That we that was like a video class that we sent out to everyone. I don't even I'm not sure where it it's probably like on private on the spin University YouTube channel, but eventually got to a point where we yeah, we decided to film the whole classroom. Is there any way that I can get that? I'll tell you this so we actually just did a little I did a little tutorial video on how to create great looking food content. Mostly just photography just using us on whatever right or Android and really did it is because there's I mean right now I believe her with about a hundred and fifty restaurant Concepts only we've been hundreds over over 500 concept to this point and

The biggest pain point for all these people is is food-contact. So as advertisers, right? We're cooking everything for a client as far as the ad copy the marketing automation follow-up series these kinds of things but the one thing that we need from our clients number to run our campaigns is great looking content and it is it always shocked me and all my employees at how difficult it is for some people to get a decent-looking photo of whatever it is. I mean, like I should almost create a library of all the terrible Beasts of the Dark Knight event that as a joke and hate to say that I'm not surprised at all really pinpoint. I mean it is I mean what you should probably do is you should just like hit up as many I mean there is a

an endless amount of food photographers that exists and if I were you I would create like

You know a network of food photographers that you offer specific rate for a package of food food video and photo content that they will create for your client. Just so that you have consistently solid great work for people because it is true. Like if your stuff sucks no one's going to admit the space is far from Canada's plus total vision of cool things for your business one. If a seat online and get some the door to the first time it is the marketing and then the second half of the Martinez when someone into store in and out posters their fans think about is like what you say you have a customer base coming and it doesn't speak perfect English and maybe they can't understand your menu, but they can look at your Instagram and they say you can point around and say I was really good.

Obviously, of course with since Cove in right because of all that's happening and in hate people are ordering an in-home writer ordering delivery are doing takeout people make decisions. Like you said what their eyes I mean God, like it's the amount of attention that this gets blows my mind that the little man pension agates. Where is it really deserves a lot more but speaking of covid-19 touch about the line. If it's you guys have how to cook luck. That's what to tell us more about that. I mean that that's not the right word. I used to cook in it after spoon. I left and went to culinary school and then cooked at a restaurant called Lilia for a while and really learned.

There I think it's really important for everyone to work in the restaurant industry if they want to work in the food world. But while I was there, I learned a lot of course from being but I also learned a massive amount from all the line cooks and it in the hierarchy of a restaurant. It takes a really long time to be able to become an executive chef and requires investor that requires coming up with the concept having the money in time to develop a menu and and all that all that jazz. So when I left the industry, I realize that there is a massive need for providing these cooks with a platform to Showcase their Concepts and that is kind of how the lineup was born. So it'll lineup. Is it started as a dinner Series where we highlight Beach hooks working.

Line of the best restaurants in America and we let them be executive chef for the night. So we will give them all of the support of helping them. Do the menu concept Yang helping Madame Curie what the dinner is going to look like with the table settings will be how many courses it's going to be wine pairings specialty cocktails the whole thing and then and we will essentially create the chicken and crafts that sell the tickets do pretty much everything you could want and so right before Cove in the series and we have our first dinner and it went so well and everyone loved it and it was just like cloud nine sides like had the time of my life and I basically they're our team. We have a few front-of-house people. I work directly with the shaft to help them with menu planning and then I'm actually

Itching during the dinner helping execute the meal with them and when covid it it just like completely devastated everyone and all restaurants were shut down and people in the industry in line Cooks were just so confused cuz they spend everyday waking up early being on their feet all day really physically engaged and then they were just sitting at home not doing anything and on top of that they didn't have their consistent paycheck coming. So what we decided to do as we decided to create a digital cookbook. I'm to still highlight these cooks and showcase what dishes they were making it home that were inspired by their restaurant. So we have had over 30 shafts. Also people bartenders all sorts of things create recipes and we put them all into this digital cookbook called on the line. And yeah it's available.

Boats for sale 100% of the proceeds are divided up amongst to be contributing cooks. And then also we've come donated them to you a few restaurant really fun. So it was really fun to do it was definitely a labor of love for sure any cookbook is but I'm really proud of what we created. Is there a heart copy version as well and all donation-based like the payment down on her cover is really intense. So we're probably going to start some type of like sign up situation where we say. Okay, here's the timeline and if you buy a copy or two copies, whatever it will directly go towards purchasing to make a hardcover happen if we

Really? Thank you pain in the ass, right but so well worth it. Right so cool. But we had we had three Amazon web publishing really and check the check this out. It's so amazing. So screw novel Publishers vegan on the normal route. It's like the worst thing ever takes like over a year and is so much money and time is ridiculous. But Amazon publishing's really cool. So you create your own copy. If you haven't you already have a digital version. So you guys are basically the guy that sounds like you submit to Amazon through the Amazon web publishing no copies are ever printed until an order is made.

Straight up so someone so someone makes an order and then they literally print it on the spot and ship it no way to cover artist paperback, but I'm sure you can go fancy sauce for 1499 to take like six seven bucks right by hey, there's no money down sign in Amazon web printing that's what it is. Will you send me if it's literally it's I can't believe it. I mean it makes

Just threw the interwebs of digital marketing people. I mean, it's it's going to be great for us because it's a way that it can get expensive course right by the Edomite. My goal is to help all restaurants and I'll restaurant owners grow their business. And so I thought I'd hate it that the most affordable way. I can help educate people through a buck right after being a book. I hope they have some inside so they can take to to run with to actually help the business and if they decide they want to before with us, will they have a lot more information on what we're going to do from Remax way to 11. I mean

A quote that my grandpa used to say that I really try to you know emulate is used to say read the lettuce. It comes back and sandwiches so, you know give and it's very fitting to the one I will we both do if you just give you no great advice to people and offer services in some capacity that energy and I was totally out of the sky, by the way. I mean, I I am reading a book right now. It's it's about Buddhism place of business. It's so interesting is called The Diamond Cutter and talk about all this stuff. It's it's it's the way that you actually perceive the world in the way things happened to you or are really like nothing in itself. Any any experience nothing is ever good or bad ever.

I mean even I mean it's crazy founded imagine, you know, someone the way you look at things at it becomes good or bad, right? So like when when when Hitler died that was a great thing to happen we eat we didn't want this guy around is cuz it's horrible person but to some people his family and friends that was a terrible thing, right but nothing inherently is good or bad from its own side, but your perception of it. I think like you said the act of giving things away change your perception of things are too good and things come back good to you and I love that. I think that's really cool. Grey quote my eyes. If you don't mind me using it. Yes, okay, and in the I mean just random question, but obviously, you know, a lot of changes during the food space. What are the changes that you seen specifically in the food space and and maybe what are some Opera?

Is that you see in the space? I think that yeah, of course a lot of the changes are we can't enjoy dining out in the way that we used to and I think that that is of course so sad, but what is interesting about it is that a lot of people are being forced to go get home and eat at home more than ever. So luckily for people in the food media space. It's been a very fruitful experience where people are now taking more time to read about recipes and purchase the cookware and you know, I've been speaking to a few different like food product manufacturers and a lot of them are like the Cove in sacks, but we're very blessed that our business is doing better than ever. So that is an opportunity there. I think there also is a real

Unique opportunity right now of yes, a lot of restaurants are closing. But as a result a lot of spaces that are fully set up with kitchens are just sitting there. So people that have maybe even nervous to make that lead to start their own concept. It's a great time to do it. And of course needed to make sure that the seats are full a massive component of it but maybe even contacting a place or figuring out a way to make it work during covid-19 something that they think it's been really interesting seeing how restaurants have had to get creative with, you know, selling packaged creating pantry is selling packaged produce doing grocery delivery services food delivery services.

Cocktail delivery services, every restaurant that I know has been like pivoting to put in alcohol in like take a bottle of wine to go take a mixed cocktail to go pick up cocktails and drink them outside. Like there's been this amazing like wave all the outdoor drinking and enjoying that's been happening. I mean, I was right after the election I was in Brooklyn and other half Brewery just open I live in Williamsburg cir. Why was in Domino Park and other half opened and people were getting beers and drinking them outside and then this like amazing bus can with like these performers that just like we're singing on the roof with like a whole sounds and dancing and other people are walking down the street with their cocktails from whatever restaurant in there like sippy cups.

And I think that's just been really interesting seeing this wave of a food and beverage enjoyment anywhere. So, you know, I hope it sticks around, you know restaurants in New York that are building these like little outdoor spaces. There's some intense craftsmanship going on and I see I see some of this stuff it's been wild but it's fun. It's really fun. It feels very European so that I love it to covet of Ikea can't do indoor dining but then people are literally creating like his outdoor anymore. What I feel like not thrilled about is some of these places are like great we can't we have two outdoor dining. So let's essentially create a tiny restaurant that is all closed in weird.

No air flow and I'm like how knowing people are going in and I like yeah, this is great. And I'm like no, I'm terrified find a way to do what they need. So, you know, I thought for sure media space. I mean it's been booming I say and we had a client actually that was a really interesting strategy during probably where he was doing. He's like date night box, isn't it? I think you know for a set price it was at home. And so they got you get two entrees to appetizers and a dessert for two and a connection with a cocktail or a bottle of wine or something. She was really cool. By the way, they put it all together and then it was for pre-order is right.

Can you preorder these boxes for 2 and then I think it was like 5 to 7. They do like a zoom happy hour where everyone who got the dinner for two got invited the zoom happy hour and the other people and then they also had like a bartender or like the wind summary or how do you say it so bad and talk about what they were eating and drinking and they had to shut come out and talk about that the meal I mean, that's really cool. Right? I love that. If you're probably having you describe the food though, you know, but it was it was so cool. And I was like, this is such an interesting thing and people really liked it. I thought I mean for me, I don't think I don't think I would join a zoom happy hour with a bunch of and people but I don't know. I think a lot of people would write I think they crave.

Social engagement Rite Aid people need that. It's you know human nature. Can we want to engage other people I look for I think there's going to be like a crazy like Roaring Twenties to experience that happens. Once it's safe again just to be outside, you know new emerging talent to come into the culinary space and it'll be really cool. It'll be wild but we just got to hang in there until then ask Alena and hopefully it's there soon just talks with his vaccine and stuff. So hopefully were there almost there has been really incredible today. I think I would love to somehow see this food content class control you have

You didn't want to sell it. I have lots of lots a lot lot of pointlessness podcast thinking how how do I get to let's let's talk about that. That's a big. Which is a digital class on photography. I don't they don't have video specific but they have a lot of great stuff about food photography and she her handles broma Bakery, but you can also look at on Instagram food tography school and it is something that like I highly recommend or all your clients. Are we listening Klein or not? Check out food photography School ASAP because you all need help when it comes to badass delicious looking food contact.

How do people follow you but if they if you listen to Amanda's this chick sounds awesome. I want to know everything she's doing how do they fall you? How do they stay in touch with you? What should I do? It's pretty simple. Just hit me up at Elana Bastyr on Instagram on YouTube. I tweet five times a year. If you want to follow me on Twitter. You can also catch me on Food Network cooking channel and Food Network kitchen. So Food Network's app if you have you can watch breakfast with Pastor there as well. You could call the lineup at the lineup dinner breakfast with besser is a 6 episode series on the Food Network kitchen app. I also do Food Network kitchens live class is every week so you can tune in to go grocery shopping in advance for all the dishes and then make it live with me in real time and ask any question.

Food Network kitchen app has over 80,000 recipes. You can watch the Whole Food Network episodes commercial free. And if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can get a free one-year subscription. It is like there's a lot of great stuff there and I'm just trying to you know, help more people know about it because a lot of people are like, what is this Food Network kitchen? I don't know tell you it is a it's the place to be that sounds amazing by weighing in on this YouTube that will create a place where anyone who's listening or watching you can you can access it through their thank you so much free time today. This has been incredible. Enjoy your time in La by let me know if you want any tips on restaurants in the area. You want to check out and I'll be in touch soon. Thanks a lot.

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